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Life is not Sunny Devil’s movie..

August 12, 2010 Leave a comment

Forgive me but I just couldn’t bring myself to write india with a capital “i”.

india have problem with sir lanka, China, almost had war with Bangladesh in 1975, 79, 85, and 2001 and not to forget Pakistan.

In india there are hindu-Muslim massacres, hindu-christian massacres, hindu-sikhs massacres. Why is always one party hindu.

india is the only country in the world where the women population is less than that of men.

10% of hindu families burry their daughters alive when she is born.

Among the rest of the 90%, 15% marry their daughter between the ages of 8-10. Obviously the husband doesn’t want to wait, so most of them die due to the blood loss.

Most of those who survive this die from premature forced pregnancy.

If survived that then of course there is satti. What did they ever do to them?

There are 600 million hindus in india, 3,840,000 deaths that end up burning. Talk about raising 5% tax on big companies to end global pollution/warming. I think if we put tax on burning dead that would solve it. And not only that, you also have to throw the ashes in river, like air pollution wasn’t enough for you.

40% of the girls before reaching the age of 10 faces sexual harassment (rape is included); the %age rises to 68% before the age of 18.

30% of the boys before reaching the age of 10 faces sexual harassment (rape is included).

“It doesn’t mean you sat on the pedestal if you threw someone off it, you have to walk up to it yourself and sit on it.”

It means that throwing dirt on others won’t make you any better for that you have to look at yourself.

They are responsible for FOOD CRISIS IN THE WORLD. The world is an intelligent design. What we take from earth goes back to it. Our growth is the result of us eating and drinking throughout our life. That’s a lot of food that took nitrates or (in laymen term) fertility from earth. Much of these nitrates we excrete in life. But also a materialistic amount still remains in our body. By burying dead, we give each and every nitrate/fertility to earth. By burning our dead, we transform the life supporting nitrates into deadly gases, and make the earth less and less fertile each day.

The food crisis in the world is because they are tampering with nature, working against it.

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