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August 16, 2010 Leave a comment

India is going to host the most expensive Commonwealth Games in history, with an infrastructure and organising budget of two billion dollars being larger than the previous games in Melbourne 2006 (approx. US$ 1.1 billion).

Over the past few months electronic and press media have reported tons of Commonwealth Games scam after another. Even the British queen, a report says, is in cold fury over some of these allegations.

The Commonwealth Games Organising Committee (CGOC) came out with a detailed explanation of the expenditure on overlay. The money at stake for the infrastructure is no less then Rs 30,000 CR.

A Tissue paper role cost was shown as Rs 4400 and Treadmill worth $75,000?

Indira Gandhi stadium the amount stood at `669 crore, shooting range at `149 crore, Lal Bahadur stadium in Hyderabad was modernized for `80 crore, stadium in Nagpur was built at `84 crore and Rs 85 crore for the modernization of Ferozeshah Kotla stadium.

If it took just Rs 85 crore for the modernization of Ferozeshah Kotla stadium then why did the renovation of the Jawaharlal Nehru stadium cost Rs 961 crore?

Bamboo screens have been erected around city slums to separate visitors from the sights of the slums (the real india), a practice which human rights campaigners have deemed dishonest and immoral. A massive construction and “beautification” project has resulted in the demolition of hundreds of homes and the displacement of city dwellers – at least 100,000 of New Delhi’s 160,000 homeless people have removed from shelters, some of which have been demolished. After the games are over the city will have around three million people homeless as a result.

A United Nations independent human rights expert voiced concern over the deaths of homeless people in India’s. Over 70 people have died in raced construction work on the Commonwealth Games in India’s capital Delhi.

It revealed 2000 boys aged between 14 and 16 are also working on the games sites “in gross violation of labour laws”. Delhi’s Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit defended the child labour, “I entirely agree that there should be no child labour, but these children were abandoned by the states they come from and also by their parents. They have moved to a bigger city only to get jobs that pay, go to the railway station right now, you’ll find them coming in with their little bags of clothing. Child labour can only be controlled if our society becomes more sensitive and caring.”

More than a million families have already been evicted as a result of Games-linked development projects, while many others – street vendors, Patri bazaarwallas and rickshaw pullers – have lost their livelihoods due to a “clean-up” ahead of the Games. Some 40,000 rickshaw pullers and street vendors, small shopkeepers and food stall owners have lost their livelihood.

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