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August 12, 2010 Leave a comment

For those who compare india with Pakistan.

With apology…..

Daily 3000-4000 children died in slum dog nation because of malnutrition.

01) 40% world’s underweight children are in india.
02) 70% population of india daily earns below Rs 20/-.
03) 70% women in india are suffered from sexual torture.
04) india is at 3 rd position in world for ill treating house wives.
05) 75% women in capital are suffered from sexual torture forcefully.
06) mumbai is at top in the world for prostitutes.
07) indian Army is at third for corruption in the world.
08) india is defeated three times by Pakistan (1948, 1965, 1999) by China in 1962, many times by Bengalis etc.
09) Tell me any neighbor with which they have better relations with?????
10) All religion Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhists, and others are unsecured due to their faiths.
11) Churches, Temples, Gurdwaras, Mosques are burnt in india.
12) india is at 94th among 140 most poor countries in the world, much below Pakistan.
14) india is at top for child labor.
15) What is SATTI????
16) 15 states are fighting for freedom.
16) Visitors are raped and killed in india.
17) india is at the top on the bases of inter religion violence are very high.
18) india is at 3rd after USA and China where most of the girls become mother before marriage.
19) Most worst life standard in south Asia is of india, Pakistan is the best in south Asia.
20) india is at top for “sattey Bazi” in sports.
21) india is at second position for AIDS in the world, Pakistan at 74th feel the difference.
22) Toilet to population ratio in india is worst in the world 1:500. 638 million people or sixty percent of the population defecate in the open, double the population count of the United States.No Toilet! No Bride
23) Still confusion in the national anthem.
24) indian army is at top for suicides among military personal.
25) There are more than 3 millions brothels in india indies are proud of them.
26) mumbai is world’s 7th and delhi (capital) world’s 20th dirtiest cities in the world.
Islamabad (capital) is at 2nd position for beauty in the world.

Challenge to Banya prove any statement wrong.

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